Surface Treatment is a blog which collect information and experiences relating to the world of surface treatment and beyond. The intent is to combine different applications, from industrial to domestic and hobby, to discuss the treatment and cleaning techniques of metals and other materials in a semi-professional way, with outline arguments and insights, giving a look to small historical outline but with a perspective turned to the future of this sector. The authors of this site have worked in companies specialized in research, production and distribution of products for cleaning surfaces and for their optimal preparation for painting. The world of pretreatment, but above all, that of painting is so vast that we will try to deal with most of the topics as the site grows, thanks also to your contribution. Any constructive intervention by readers will indeed be welcome and, by creating a group of users who are experts in the sector, it will be possible to increase the material collected in less time. You can then freely send us specific information free of charge to disseminate new posts and expand collective knowledge. To conclude the premises it is fundamental to say that, due to industrial secrecy, commercial names and complete formulations will never be mentioned, however, for any specific advice or argument, it will be possible to contact the authors of the site privately.