Domestic Applications

Renowned multipurpose degreaser for domestic use, the universal Chanteclair made its way into the market thanks to an intensive advertising campaign that sponsored it as a Marseille soap-based degreaser.

Tools, especially those used for the gardening, are subject to severe wear and oxidation. Proper maintenance can help us keep them for a long time.

A raw material from natural resources, extracted through fermentative processes. Economical and flexible, suitable for many industrial and domestic uses.

An ancient iron finishing process, widespread for treating embellishment objects, artefacts subject to wear and knife and tool blades, not only to improve their aesthetics but also to protect them over time.

How to properly clean car rims and how well do the specific products on sale work?

Copper is a very elegant ductile metal that was used to make furnishing objects, jewelry, vases, pots, stills and cauldrons.