Technical Insights


Powder paint is a coating which is applied in the form of dry powder by means of electrostatic spray guns that, by loading the paint particles, attracts them towards the product to be painted which is connected to an earthing system. Powder coating is a very widespread technique and it is used in various sectors such as aluminum extrusions,...

Flash rust


The "flash rust" is a very rapid corrosive phenomenon that can occur after cleaning, sandblasting or washing a ferrous product.



The world of surfactants is so vast and well-known that it would be useless to reproduce it entirely in this blog, we will therefore briefly illustrate the most important types and characteristics of the surfactants commonly used in the industry for the treatment of metals.

Corrosive tests, or corrosion resistance tests, are procedures designed to induce the corrosion of painted and unpainted products to verify their resistance in the short term. These tests represent empirically but reasonably the effects that natural corrosion would have over many years. To make these tests possible, painted specimens are placed...

Almost always, where there is an industrial pretreatment, there is also a painting. And where there is a liquid painting there can be a water management system.