Technical Insights

Corrosion of steel pipes and related components is a continuous and almost unstoppable process. Even with the correct application of the available countermeasures, the costs for the management and controls, replacement and repair of corroded pipes are very high and turns out to be one of the worst problems in the industrial sector (but also in the...

Crude oil, as a mixture of hydrocarbons, is not inherently corrosive, however, there are often impurities and components present that could cause corrosion in pipelines and refinery equipment such as atmospheric columns, overhead lines, exchangers and condensers.

In the following article, advice and recurring errors in conception and development of products and their distribution on the market will be exposed.

A formulator, in addition to having intuition and developed theoretical knowledge, must above all be a good laboratory technician, able to easily handle substances, glassware and equipment. Furthermore, he must be equipped with organization and mental flexibility, since he will often find himself in situations where he will have to work...

Aluminum 1000 alloys are composed primarily of pure aluminum (about 99.5%) and small amounts of other elements, such as copper, magnesium and zinc.

Here are some paint strippers advertised as non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly. They are products for private, hobby or semi-professional use, freely available online together with the safety documentation used to draft the article.

Solvents or air bubbles present in the substrate degas during the paint reticulation (especially using paints with high percentage of dry residue), causing small holes and defects. The problem can be solved by heating the items in the oven prior to painting, in which the air or solvents contained are removed.

This chapter presents the most common tests to evaluate the physical resistance of coating films. Such mechanical tests are usually conducted in parallel with corrosion tests. The mechanical resistance provides an idea of: paint reticulation, paint adhesion to the substrate, anomaly relating to the pretreatment.

Powder paint is a coating which is applied in the form of dry powder by means of electrostatic spray guns that, by loading the paint particles, attracts them towards the product to be painted which is connected to an earthing system. Powder coating is a very widespread technique and it is used in various sectors such as aluminum extrusions,...