A thousand uses of citric acid


A raw material from natural resources, extracted through fermentative processes. Economical and flexible, suitable for many uses.

Acido citrico
Acido citrico

Citric acid belongs to the family of organic acids, it comes in the form of white powder easily soluble in water. Its uses in industry are manifold, but as far as metal treatment is concerned, it is mainly used as anti-limescale, pickling, membrane scaler and cleaning agent. It also has the ability to chelate salts to control the hardness of the water and has slight inhibiting properties against reoxidation. Used in synergy with surfactants, it shows remarkable cleaning and disinfectant performances, does not have an odor and is not aggressive for the person, also thanks to the not excessively acidic pH. It is also biodegradable and is easily found on the market.