Temporary coatings


Temporary water-based protective coatings for semi-finished products and alloys sensitive to wear and humidity.

Temporary coatings are products that are used to coat a product to protect it from atmospheric or mechanical agents. Unlike actual coatings, temporary coatings are designed to be removed as needed, for example before painting. These protectors can be used between one manufacturing process and another, or during transport, or to be able to prolong storage without having oxidation problems. For functionality we can say that they have the same purpose as traditional oily applications that preserve the pieces for a long time, with the advantage, however, that they can be removed more easily. There are in fact temporary water-based coatings removable by simple jet of hot water / alcohol. This is possible thanks to particular acrylic resins (which can also be combined with others to guarantee different performances) soluble in water which, once dried, can again return to solution. These products are used by dipping or by applying them with a brush for small products, after which they are dripped until completely dry. Ventilated or hot air can be used to speed up the process.

Typical formulations contain, in addition to the resins specified above, also thixotropic additives to increase their viscosity and de-aerating agents to reduce the formation of foam which could otherwise create application problems. Many companies also add dyes to differentiate the products or to better distinguish them from the raw ones.